What is the Disability Royal Commission?

Many people with disability have been hurt, treated badly, refused help or taken advantage of. This is wrong and the Disability Royal Commission (DRC) is investigating this.

What is the Disability Royal Commission – Easy Read (Word)

What is the Disability Royal Commission – Easy Read (PDF)

Who does Villamanta work with

How can I talk to the DRC?

You can talk to the DRC by making a submission or speaking at a Public Hearing.

Applications for Private Sessions closed on 30 June 2022.

If you have already applied for a Private Session, the DRC will do its best to talk to you. This might take a long time because there are a lot of applications.

But you can still make a submission. Villamanta can help with this. The final date to make a submission is 31 December 2022.

Other legal and counselling services


Your Story Disability Legal Support

Your Story is a free, independent, national legal service.

‘Independent’ means that Your Story is separate from the DRC. So if you are worried about talking to the DRC because you might get into legal trouble, Your Story can help.

‘National’ means that Your Story can help people all over Australia.

Your Story gives information and advice to people who want to tell their story to the DRC.  You can contact them on 1800 771 800


Blue Knot Foundation

You can contact the Blue Knot Foundation for counselling support, referrals and information on 1800 421 468

Relationships Australia

You can contact Relationships Australia Victoria for ongoing counselling and support on 1800 317 387

Court Witness PCSO

I need help to talk to the DRC

We can help you share your experience with the DRC

  • Online
  • In writing
  • By telephone
  • By email
  • As a video
  • As an audio recording.

If you need more information or help

  • Phone Sue Wolter on 0435 595 977
Sue Wolter
Sue Wolter