Can we help with your NDIS legal issue?


We know how hard NDIS processes can be to understand. When we have capacity, we focus on the types of issues where we can make the most difference, such as:

  • AAT support (generally after the first case conference)
  • NDIS funding
  • Disability accommodation issues (e.g. safety, notice to vacate)

Internal Reviews

We do not usually help people with NDIS internal reviews. If you need help, contact an NDIS appeals advocate.

Times we might help with internal reviews include:

  • When someone cannot request an internal review themselves
  • When someone has limited access to technology (phone, email, etc.)
  • When someone has complex support needs and no family or other people who can help.

If you think you or someone else needs help at this stage for another reason, contact us.

Internal reviews

External Reviews

How do AAT appeals work?

You have 28 days from when you receive your internal review decision to lodge your AAT application.

Learn more:

Applying to the AAT
What happens after you apply to the AAT

NDIS Appeals Villamanta has been involved in


AAT overturns NDIS decision to deny Anna single-occupancy SDA.

11 February 2022


AAT decides an assistance dog is a reasonable and necessary support for a young boy with autism.

20 December 2021


This matter discusses NDIS access; evidence from treating therapists found to be more reliable than from independent assessor.

8 September 2020


This matter discusses Jake’s complex support needs and his need for practice coaching and transport.

16 October 2019


In this case, the NDIA had originally decided not to fund a scooter for someone with mobility issues because they had been granted access to the NDIS for sensory and psychosocial disabilities.

13 August 2019


AAT decides prism glasses are reasonable and necessary supports for KLMN.

20 October 2017