Who is Villamanta?

Villamanta is a Community Legal Centre (CLC) that works across Victoria on disability-related legal and justice issues.

We have been fighting for the rights of people with disability-related justice issues since 1990. We make sure people in Victoria with disability know and can protect their rights and do not face discrimination.

Villamanta is part of the National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP) funded by the Australian Government.

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About Us

Our Vision and Mission


To be recognised as a leading provider of legal and justice-related services for people with disability.

To contribute towards people with disability:

  • Not facing discrimination
  • Being acknowledged, recognised and respected equally with other Victorians.


To fight for the rights of Victorians with disability by giving people information, legal advice and representation, and advocacy.

Vision and Mission

Our Values

These values guide Villamanta as we fight for the rights of Victorians with disability:



Support people with disability to work for and serve on the Board.


Make our services accessible to everyone who needs them.


Do excellent work.


Be open and transparent with:

  • Clients
  • Potential clients
  • Other people and organisations that make our work possible.


Be ethical, honest and polite.


Work to consistently improve by asking ourselves:

  • Are we being effective?
  • Are we being efficient?

Our organisation

Who runs Villamanta?

Villamanta is run by our Board.

Board members are elected every year at Villamanta’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). All Villamanta members can nominate to be on the Board.

Who runs Villamanta

Who pays for Villamanta?

Villamanta is free for people with disability, their carers and advocates.

The Australian Government gives us money to run Villamanta through a law called the Disability Services Act.

Sometimes other places give us money to do particular projects. For example, the Department of Social Services (DSS) gave Villamanta money to help people share their stories with the Disability Royal Commission.

Who pays for Villamanta

Who decides what is important?

Villamanta’s main purpose is to make sure people with disability in Victoria:

  • Know about the law
  • Can use the law to help fight for their rights.

Read Villamanta’s Constitution to learn how we make decisions.

Who decides what is important