If you contact us to seek advice or assistance that is not about a disability related justice issue, we will very likely refer you to a more appropriate service.  The information below summarises where you can find other forms of assistance, depending on the kind of legal issue you have.

Legal problems that are not a disability-related legal issue

Villamanta does not usually work on these types of problems.

The list below includes examples of legal issues that are not disability-related.  If you click on the link you will be taken to a post which provides some information about how to find assistance for that type of legal issue.

Where else can I find help?

Disability Advocacy

If you need help to work through an issue you are having, it may be helpful to talk to a disability advocate.

If there is a legal matter that is a part of the issue you are having, the Disability Advocate can work with you to contact our Telephone Advice Service for some information about how to resolve it.  Sometimes we work with Disability Advocates to resolve these issues for their clients.

You can look for a Disability Advocate in Victoria here, or on the Commonwealth website here.

Free legal assistance

If you need legal information or advice, you can look into whether your local Community Legal Centre (CLC) can assist you.  You can find more information about how to find a CLC here.

Legal Aid

You can also Contact Victoria Legal Aid.  Their details are here, including details of their legal advice line.


The Australian Pro Bono Centre provides details of a range of options for seeking legal assistance in Victoria.