What is our Telephone Advice Service?

Free telephone information and referral advice

Villamanta’s Telephone Advice Service is a free call number for people who live anywhere in Victoria. This service is for people who need information, legal advice or referrals about disability-related legal issues.

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What is a disability-related issue?

A disability-related legal issue refers to:

  • Someone with disability having their rights restricted. A person with disability contesting a parking fine (for example) is not usually a disability-related legal issue
  • An issue relating to a law that specifically applies to people with disability.

Laws that specifically apply to people with disability include:

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Can Villamanta help with my legal issue?

If you have a disability-related legal issue and live in Victoria, Villamanta’s lawyers might be able to help. There are examples below of the kinds of issues Villamanta helps people with.

We know that seeking legal help can be a confusing process. Some legal issues might seem disability-related, but Villamanta may not be the best organisation to help you. This is because we do not give legal advice and representation to every person with disability who has a legal issue.

If you are still not sure where to get help after reading this page, contact us.

We will provide external referrals for other callers where possible.

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Examples of legal issues Villamanta generally helps with

  • Issues with disability-specific accommodation (group homes, SRS, SDA, etc.) This includes quality, safety and notices to vacate
  • Supervised Treatment Orders (STO) under the Disability Act 2006 (Vic)
  • Representation and support for people with disability when someone has applied for guardianship or administration orders to make decisions on their behalf under the Guardianship and Administration Act 2019 (Vic)
  • Issues with disability service providers, especially where they are restricting the rights of someone with disability
  • Financial abuse
Examples of legal issues

Who will be asked to contact another organisation?

  • People seeking information that could be used against one or more people with disability
  • People seeking information that is not about a disability-related legal issue
  • People with an issue that cannot be resolved via the legal system
  • Anyone we believe would not be best supported by Villamanta
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What if Villamanta can't help with my legal issue?

We want you to get the right help for your legal issue. So we have created this list with common issues people need help with, and who you can contact for advice if you are experiencing legal issues in these areas:

Child protection

Contract and consumer

Criminal Law

Disability Support Pension (DSP) and Centrelink


Family Law

Intervention Orders

Personal Injury

Transport Accident Compensation


Workplace Injury Compensation

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Where else can I find help?


If you need help to work through a legal or non-legal issue, you might find it helpful to talk to a disability advocate.

If there is a legal matter that is part of the issue you have, an advocate can support you to call Villamanta’s Telephone Advice Service for information.

Find an advocate (Victoria)
Disability Advocacy Finder (National)

Free legal help

Community Legal Centre (CLC) and Legal Aid

Find a CLC
Contact Legal Aid

Australian Pro Bono Centre

The Australian Pro Bono Centre has details of a range of options for seeking legal help in Victoria.

Find legal help in Victoria

Court Network

Court Network is a free confidential community service for victims of crime in Victoria. They provide non-legal information, support and referral in court matters before, during and after.

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Examples of our legal casework