Our staff

Deidre Griffiths - Principal Solicitor & Executive Officer

Deidre joined the team in 1999 and works full-time. As well as her Executive Officer duties, Deidre is our Principal Solicitor and also does some Legal Casework, Community Legal Education and Policy & Law Reform work.

Sue Wolter - Para-Legal Worker

Sue works part-time and provides para-legal support to the casework lawyers. This means that Sue is responsible for a lot of the follow up work with our casework clients. Sue has been a member of the team since 1993.

Viv Nicol - Administration Worker

Viv works part-time and provides administration support for the team.  Viv has worked at Villamanta since 1997.

Darrell Harding - Accounts Administrator

Darrell is our Accounts Administrator. He is also responsible for personnel, special projects, book sales and publications.

Greg Leeson - Casework Lawyer/Policy Law Reform

Greg provides legal advice and casework to constituents, in addition to working on broader policy issues in Policy Law Reform.

Viv Avery - Casework Lawyer

Viv provides legal advice, casework and representation for people who have an intellectual disability related legal issue at various courts and tribunals. In addition Viv provides community legal education for various community groups and he has a strong interest in human rights and law reform.

Naomi Anderson - Casework Lawyer

Naomi provides legal advice and representation for people who have a disability related justice issue. She also is an active participant in human rights law and policy reform activities.

Kate McGrath - Casework Lawyer

Kate provides legal advice, casework and subsequent court and tribunal representation to people who have a disability related legal or justice issue. She is admitted in both Victoria and England and Wales and has practiced in both jurisdictions.  Kate has a great interest in policy and law reform and human rights law.

Stephen Grainger - NDIS/Casework Lawyer

Steve joined the team at Villamanta in 2017 and works full-time.  Steve is Villamanta’s legal advocate for matters relating to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Steve also provides legal advice, casework and representation for people who have an intellectual disability related legal and justice issue at various courts and tribunals.

Our volunteers

Villamanta is assisted greatly by its volunteer workers and by lawyers in private practice who provide our clients and ourselves with pro bono advice and support. They are an important part of Villamanta’s operation; without them, our ability to assist our clients would be significantly diminished.


Our student assistants

Villamanta provides professional experience placements to law students, particularly those from Deakin University. This increases Villamanta’s capacity to assist our clients and to make available through this site information about legal and justice related aspects of disability issues.

How to get involved

If you have a disability, in particular if you have an intellectual disability, we encourage you to become involved in Villamanta;s work and program. Please contact us if you are interested in being involved in Villamanta in any of the following ways. Our contact details are on the front page of the website.

Ways you can become involved in Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service include:

Joining as a member of Villamanta

Nominating for membership of the Villamanta Committee of Management;

Giving us feedback about how we do our job, and/or making suggestions about how we can do our job better;

Talking to us about issues that you believe we should be working on;

Download membership form

We will pay people who have a disability some of their travel and other costs, if these costs are because of their involvement in Villamanta.