Villamanta began in 1990 and was incorporated on 5 July 1991 as an incorporated association. It works to make sure that people in Victoria with a disability, especially those with an intellectual disability, are able to know and protect their rights and do not face discrimination.

It is part of the National Disability Advocacy Programme (NDAP) funded by the Australian Government.

Our mission, values and vision


Villamanta is a Community Legal Centre operating throughout the state of Victoria on disability related legal and justice issues. Our focus is on intellectual disability.

Villamanta’s mission is to protect and advance the rights of Victorians with a disability by advising, informing and representing them and acting as an advocate on disability related legal and justice issues.


Villamanta’s vision is to be recognised as a leading provider of legal and justice related services for people with an intellectual disability and through our work, significantly contribute to creating an environment in Victoria in which people with a disability are acknowledged, recognised and respected equally with other Victorians and do not face discrimination.


The following core values guide Villamanta as we pursue our mission and conduct our operations:


facilitating the full and effective participation of people with disabilities in our governance and activities


ensuring that our services are accessible to all those who need and can benefit from them


pursuing excellence in all that we do


being open and transparent with clients and potential clients and those bodies that make our operations possible


being ethical, honest and courteous in all our internal and external dealings


striving to continuously improve the effectiveness of the services we provide and our efficiency

Who runs Villamanta?

Villamanta is run by a community based Management Committee. Committee members are elected every year at the our Annual General Meeting. Anyone who is a member of Villamanta can nominate to be on the Management Committee.

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Villamanta encourages anyone who supports its aims, in particular people who have a disability, to become members of the Service. It does not cost anything to become a member. Members have the right and power to have a say about the work Villamanta does.

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Who pays for Villamanta?

Villamanta is a free service for people who have a disability, their carers and their advocates. We get money to run the Service from the Australian Government through a law called the Disability Services Act. Sometimes we get money from other places to do special projects.


Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service Inc. is always grateful to receive donations to assist its work in promoting and protecting the rights of people who have a disability.

Villamanta is a non-profit organisation managed by a volunteer committee of management and has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient. Donations of $2 or more to Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service are fully tax-deductible. Call us on 03 5227 3338 if you would like to donate.

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Deakin University

Villamanta’s work is greatly assisted by Deakin University which generously provides us with office accommodation and associated services at nominal cost. Villamanta also collaborates with Deakin’s Law School to provide professional experience placements for its students. They make a valuable contribution to our work as well as learning about disability law and practice.


Villamanta is audited regularly to determine the effectiveness of its management and operation measure against the National Standards for disability Services.